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Prevent undernutrition through high protein food

Several studies have shown that hospitalization time and various pathologies can increase the risk of undernutrition. To prevent this and help patients regain food independence, the Bois-Bougy clinic and the Grand-Salève clinic offer each patient a nutritional assessment upon arrival.

Arméo Spring: rehabilitation through self-initiated movement

The ARMEO SPRING upper limb orthosis is a device for the rehabilitation of neuromotor capacities associated with a sophisticated and instrumented exoskeleton to support and mobilize the upper limb. This device, in place at the Bois-Bougy clinic, facilitates the patient’s own active movements which are solicited through specific tasks or interactive games and allows motivating self-training with real-time performance feedback. Philippe Canteux presents it to you in action.

Bois-Bougy Clinic: multidisciplinary and personalized care to meet your life plan

Dr Gorki Carmona, specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics, has been the Medical Director of the Bois-Bougy clinic since October 2020. He introduces himself to you and describes the various care services offered by our rehabilitation center through this video.

Welcome to the Bois-Bougy clinic – Luxury treatment and rehabilitation center

The Bois-Bougy clinic welcomes adult patients after hospitalization in acute care (medicine, surgery) for medical, post-operative or rehabilitation care. The objective of our care is to re-educate the patient and help him regain maximum autonomy in order to promote his return home in the best conditions.

The C-Mill, a complete and ultra-technological walking laboratory

The Motek C-Mill is an advanced treadmill, with visual and auditory feedback, for gait assessment and rehabilitation. Its performances train and stimulate the patient to the challenges of daily life thanks to augmented and virtual reality in a safe and comfortable environment. Philippe Canteux presents all his contributions for our patients.