Multipurpose treatment suites

They accommodate patients coming from acute care hospitals, emergency departments or private practises for medical programs involving disciplines listed below.

In the field of rehabilitation, in particular, the care will be given by a multidisciplinary team involving a variety of specific programs.

Post-operative care

We provide post-operative care:

  • orthopaedic (prostheses, surgery of the vertebral column, ligament surgery of the shoulder and the knee,
    surgery of the hand and of the foot …)
  • visceral, vascular, transplant, gynaecological, thoracic and oncology surgeries, neurosurgery.

Internal medicine

We treat diseases of internal medicine such as:

  • the heart and the blood vessels (cardiac insufficiency and peripheral vascular disease),
  • the lungs (pneumonia, respiratory insufficiency),
  • the metabolism (obesity, diabetes, protein-energy malnutrition),
  • rheumatology (all types of rheumatism),
  • neurology (Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain tumour)

Rehabilitation in integrated care

Functional loss, decreased mobility, and pain lead to a loss of independence. It is for this reason that we work on recovery of the functional capacity, optimisation of the analgesic treatments, and reduction of the disability in order to improve the quality of life and to ensure sustainable homecare.

We have at our disposal cutting-edge technical equipment in the fields of hydrotherapy, physical therapies and rehabilitation.

The return home

We assess your needs for your return home, which can be supervised by a nurse coordinator. An occupational therapist can visit your home to advise you on desirable arrangements.