Medical and paramedical team

A multidisciplinary team is at your service, supervised by doctors of diverse specialties including rehabilitation, internal medicine, sports medicine and geriatrics.


Medical team

These experienced doctors were trained in renowned hospitals and are your guarantee of the level and quality of our care treatments.

Whether in the field of disability, clinical nutrition, movement, accompaniment at the end of life, psychological support or technical care, they work in an interdisciplinary way on projects aimed at therecovery of independence, long-term treatment of chronic diseases, education and health promotion.


Dr Alexandre Forster : Medical Director

Dr Alexandre Forster

Medical Director

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FMH specialist in general internal medicine, Dr Alexandre Forster was born in 1977 in Wissembourg (Alsace). Medical graduate from the Université Louis Pasteur (Louis Pasteur University) in Strasbourg in 2005, he obtained his state diploma of Doctor in Medicine in 2007 following the oral presentation of his thesis on “The Acquired Syndrome of von Willebrand”. Between 2003 and 2009, he was awarded a number of university diplomas: “Sports Traumatology” and “Arterial Hypertension and Kidney Diseases” from Strasbourg, then “Healing of Wounds, Burns and Necrosis” from Paris VII.

In 2008, he obtained his Capacity of Gerontology from the Université Louis Pasteur (Louis Pasteur University) in Strasbourg. Senior registrar in internal medicine at the Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Catherine in Saverne (France) from 2006 to 2008, he then worked as hospital physician in geriatrics from 2008 to 2010. In particular he was involved in the creation of a geriatric day hospital, responsible for geriatric liaison consultations and was appointed head of the geriatric short stay department.

His career continued in Switzerland in 2010 as senior registrar at the Department of Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics of the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG). It included working at the department for bone diseases, at the memory consulting, at the geriatric liaison unit, but also at the SOMADEM department specialising in the care of patients with cognitive problems and an acute somatic decompensation.

He also continued his research activities, especially on the management of dysphagia in geriatrics until his appointment in April 2013, as Medical Director and Head of Service at the Clinique Bois-Bougy, in Nyon (Canton de Vaud).

Dr Forster works as a consultant physician at the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève and as an associate physician at the Domaine de la Gracieuse, a residence for the elderly and a care unit, in Lonay (Canton de Vaud).

Dr Forster undertook successfully post-graduate training in geriatrics at “The European Academy of Medicine of Ageing”, and is a member of the European Working Group on dysphagia in the elderly, led by the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS) and by the European Society for Swallowing Disorders (ESSD).

Dr Hernando Aparicio :  Deputy Medical Director

Dr Hernando Aparicio

Deputy Medical Director

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FMH Specialist in internal medicine since 2010 and FMH Specialist in geriatrics since 2012, Dr Hernando Aparicio originates from Bolivia. Medical graduate of the University of San Francisco Xavier Sucre, in Bolivia, he has resided in Switzerland since 1999 and became a naturalised Swiss in 2013.

From 1999 to 2002, he worked as assistant physician at the Department of Internal Medicine of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV).

In 2002 he was involved in the research on sudden deaths of young athletes of the Pathology Department of the CHUV.

During his post graduate training, he held positions as assistant physician:

  • from 2002 to 2003, internal medicine and at the emergency department of the Hôpital de Martigny,
  • from 2003 to 2006, internal-geriatrics medicine at the Clinique Saint-Amé in Saint-Maurice,
  • from 2005 to 2006, adult psychiatry at the Hôpital de Malevoz in Monthey,
  • from 2006 to 2008, at the department of internal medicine at the Hôpital Samaritain.

In 2009 he started worked at the Policlinique Médicale Universitaire (PMU) of Lausanne in 2009, then joined the Department of internal medicine of the Centre Universitaire de Traitement et de Réadaptation (CUTR-Sylvana) at the CHUV in Lausanne, as assistant physician. He was involved with the memory consulting at the Département de neurologie of the CHUV and specialises in several major geriatric syndromes: gait disturbances, falls, malnutrition and osteoporosis. In 2010, he was appointed Clinical Director at the Hôpital de Lavaux, where he also supervises students and trainee house doctors. He is also involved as senior physician in the emergency department of the Hôpital de Château-d’Œx.

Since 2010, Dr Aparicio has lectured on anaemia in the elderly in the program of continuous training of doctors in Switzerland (Swiss Professional Media AG). He is also a member of the Société Suisse de Médecine Interne et de Gériatrie, as well as the Société Panaméricaine de Médecine Interne et Gériatrie.

He continues his research activities, in particular the Swiss study on Chagas disease in migrants, conducted jointly with the WHO, the PMU and the Bolivian Ministry of Health. Speaking four languages, Dr Aparicio has held since 2013 the post of associate medical director at the Clinique Bois-Bougy.

Dr Nicolas Berat :

Dr Nicolas Berat

Dre Aikaterini OIKONOMIDI :

Dre Aikaterini OIKONOMIDI