Functional rehabilitation

This involves patients requiring more than 3 hours of physiotherapy per day with complex musculoskeletal issues such as polytrauma, vascular neurological disorders, such as strokes, or after an acute exacerbation of multiple sclerosis for example.


In neuro-rehabilitation, in addition to dry physiotherapy and hydrotherapy we offer specialised care provided by occupational therapists, neuro-psychologists, psychomotor specialists and speech therapists.

In sports medicine pathologies, whether or not related to surgery, all therapies are performed jointly by specialists in this field.

An interdisciplinary care

Each stage of your rehabilitation program will be evaluated in an interdisciplinary manner, in order to optimize the care, to adjust the care plan if required and to better prepare the transition to the outpatient centre or to the final return home.

The return home

The transition to home care will be overseen by our nurse coordinator. If necessary an occupational therapist can visit your home to advise you on desirable arrangements.