Outpatient physiotherapy

With the partial opening of our outpatient centre, we now already offer the possibility of following a varied rehabilitation program tailored to your needs.

A physical assessment will be performed at the commencement to set your treatment plan and your progress will be objectified throughout your rehabilitation.

You will have the full benefit of a team of competent and dynamic physiotherapists as well as very advanced technical facilities.

Your personal individual physiotherapy session can also be supplemented by a therapeutic workout on smart card operated fitness equipment or by aquatic rehabilitation.

Appointments Monday to Friday, with 3 types of program depending on your medical prescription:

  • 30 minutes individual physiotherapy
  • 30 minutes individual physiotherapy + 45 minutes therapeutic workout
  • 30 minutes physiotherapy + 30 minutes hydrotherapy

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 022.436.36.36.

Modification may be made as the need arises, in the constant concern for high quality treatments.