To prepare for your stay

List of documents to be supplied to facilitate your admission to the clinic:

  • your proof of identity,
  • your insurance card and your insurance policy,
  • your medical reports, test results and radiographs,
  • your anticoagulant treatment record card if you have one,
  • your glycaemia treatment record card if you are diabetic,
  • Your usual medicines including the latest treatments in progress.

Things to bring

In addition to your personal items, remember to bring:

  • indoor and outdoor clothing: comfortable clothing, walking shoes, slippers …
  • tracksuit pants (/sweat pants) which if possible open at the side, shorts or Bermuda shorts, and trainers (/baskets),
  • depending on the season: T shirts, cap or hat, sunglasses, gloves, scarf, warm jacket, waterproof, sweater…
  • clothes for indoor sports: shorts, T shirts, tracksuit top, trainers (/baskets) …
  • for the hydrotherapy: swimming trunks/costume, swimming cap, bath towel,
  • your glasses and hearing aid(s) if worn,
  • any medical device that you normally use and which is essential to you (for example, your personal night ventilation equipment if you are being treated for sleep apnea)