Insurance and formalities


Insurance policies may cover the cost of the stay, in a private room or a semi-private room. In the event that you do not have insurance or that your insurance will only cover a part of the cost of your stay, a personalised and detailed estimate of the cost will be prepared for you.
I have added the word “may”. Otherwise in English, the sentence will be understood to mean that “all insurance policies will cover the cost”.
Should your insurance only cover a part of the hospital costs, we will ask you to make a deposit payment, as the hospitalization guarantee, no later than the day of your arrival.
If you wish, prior to your arrival, the Admissions Department can supply you with an estimate of the amount that will be payable by yourself.


Before admission, a request on your behalf should be made by your doctor or your surgeon and approved by the Medical Director of the clinic.

After approval of your insurance, the Admissions Manager will plan, in conjunction with you and your doctor, your arrival at the clinic.